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We understand when deciding which company you want to use for your own plumbing & heating needs it is important to feel confident in the service you are getting. So, we felt it was important to showcase some of our past work from boiler installations to complete bathroom refurbishments.   


This was a large scale project to completely redo four bathrooms; including a main family bathroom, two ensuite bathrooms and a downstairs toilet for a property in Reading.

We managed the project from start to finish, managing multiple trades from tilers to electricians to ensure the customer was able to relax and had just one point of contact for any questions and thoughts.  

We worked closely with the customer throughout the project, with them picking the design and parts they wanted, and we were able to share our expertise and advise where required.

The project was finished on time and took approx. 8 weeks to complete and throughout that time the customer had the freedom to add as we went.


Sometimes it is difficult to know exactly what you want the finished design to look like at the start, so time permitting we can work flexibly to allow extras as and when required. For this specific project the customer decided to add the spotlights part way through, which I personally feel was a great addition and gives the rooms that ‘wow’ factor.  

We were really happy with the final designs, but more importantly so were the customers.


Although the majority of our work is residential, we sometimes get the opportunity to work with commercial businesses too. This time it was for the Sonning Mill Theatre, Sonning. We were fortunate enough to work alongside Wiln Graves Carpentry on this project, who did a fantastic job of Project Managing the whole thing.

We were asked to supply and fit all the plumbing requirements for a refurbishment of the female toilets; they hadn't been updated for many years, and it was time to give them a facelift. We worked closely with the client who handpicked everything they wanted, and we worked with the suppliers to ensure not only was the result visually pleasing it was also functional and provided a great experience for all users.

Although we were only contracted for this specific area, the client was so happy with our work they asked us to get involved in the kitchen refurb that was happening simultaneously.


A powerflush is the cleansing process which aims to remove deposits of sludge, rust and other debris from your central heating system.


If left, these deposits can seriously affect the efficiency of a heating system. Over time the water in your pipes, boiler and radiators deposits unwanted byproducts like rust. This rust (plus other dirt and debris) becomes an unpleasant, mud-like substance that can cause blockages and corrosion which will lead to both inefficiency and / or breakdown. In extreme cases it can be so damaging that a complete boiler replacement is needed.

We recently completed a powerflush for a regular customer of ours whose system was approximately 30 years old. The boiler was 10 years old and in this time had built up enough sludge to block the main heat exchanger. Fortunately, this part was still under warrantee from Worcester Bosch.


After assessment of the water quality we were asked to perform a powerflush to protect the boiler and ensure the system water could circulate and heat up the radiators.

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